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I had decided to stop updating about EVERYTHING I spent because saving receipts was getting annoying, but this week I’ve spent more than usual, and more of it was on frivolous nonsense. I don’t really WANT to have to have a set budget in stone for everything, but I’m unsure how sustainable this “spend as little as possible but no set amount for fun money” plan is going to work.

That’s the nice thing about personal finance, I suppose….it’s PERSONAL. So if I try not writing every little thing down¬† writing down every single item I spend money on.

I did not put a full $200 on the credit card this week like I had intended, but I’ve put more than that in for the last two weeks, so I’m not feeling too bad about that.


Sooo much better!

I had $79 left in the checking account at the end of this week. I nearly doubled my normal weekly CC payment, paid my cell phone bill, got groceries, even treated myself to a burrito and STILL had leftover money.¬† Wow. I’ll be applying the extra to the credit card when I make my weekly payment tomorrow.

Money spent since last post:

$13 on feeder mice. It was $12 and change, but I lost the receipt.

$3.29 on milk. I’m working on drinking all of my Weight Watchers smoothies before they get out of date, so we’re drinking more milk than usual.

$5 on candy for the hubby.

I spoke too soon…

I tend to do that…make snap decisions and run with them That’s part of what got me into this mess! Anyways, the monkey wrench in our plans for September appears to have been taken care of, and I feel much better.

Today’s Spending:

$53.71 on a dentist bill. It would have been much higher, but apparently I overpaid last time and had some credit on my account.

$6.42 on milk and coffee at the grocery store. WOW we go through milk fast!

$6.81 to treat myself to a burrito. I had mixed feelings on the splurge, but hubby encouraged me to go for it. I had a good lunch, and it was so big that he is having a nice snack now!


Monkey wrench may have been thrown into the gears of our plans for hosting a get together, but I’m still going to knuckle down as though it were happening. If nothing else, we’ll get out of our shared living situation faster if the get together doesn’t happen.

Spending since my last post:

$68.50 on groceries. This is more than I’ve been averaging, but I did get a few things in bulk, like a gallon of vinegar and a LOT of coffee, which will cut costs over the long run. I hope.

$2.49 on a stick of deodorant.

$3.09 on a gallon of milk.

Saving for a fun thing

This morning, I got a little extra motivation to really cut back my spending and see how much I can save in the coming months!

We’re still ironing out the details, but it looks like we may be hosting three friends from all over the place for a week in September. I would LOVE to have a few hundred dollars set aside to do things like…go to Santa Cruz (or up to SF, I suppose. Visiting people always seem to want to do that…dunno why), cook a fancy dinner, buy everyone some beer, etc. Not to mention, I’d LOVE to drive out to pick one of the friends up, which would be about 18 hours driving each way. Gas, hotel, etc, would add up if I did that. Said friend is going to look into other options, but I’m still hopeful about the possibility of a road trip.

Meanwhile, I’m going to buckle down, and maybe try to sell off a few larger things on Craigslist. I’ve been wanting to get rid of our patio set for awhile, and I’m sure I could get a few bucks for it.

Today’s spending: $3.09 on a gallon of milk.

A little bit of fun

I haven’t really ironed out a set dollar amount for “fun money”, though I know I should have. I really need to sit down with myself and get a more official budget together than “spend as little as humanly possible”, though part of me wants to put that off until the credit cards are paid off. We shall see.

I’m getting a MUCH better idea of where out “needs” lie, and things like…my car needs fuel every two weeks or so.

The little surprises are what’s throwing me off. I just got a bill from the dentist today…with a late fee on it? I don’t recall getting a FIRST bill, and this is upsetting to me. Even when I’ve been a complete financial disaster, I prided myself on paying things ON TIME, even if it was just the bare minimum. I also have a paper from my insurance company that seems to indicate that I owe them more than the bill indicates. I’m confused. When I get paid Friday, I’ll call them to sort it out and pay whatever I owe.

I also need to have my car smogged and register it. Luckily, my car is old and registration is only $100. So…I’ll take care of the dentist this coming week, and the car the week after.

Meanwhile, I will put $200 a week (or more if I can manage it) onto the main credit card, which is the one currently accruing interest. If I can keep that up (barring unforeseen expenses) ALL of our debt should be paid off by October. I’m sure there will be a few surprise expenses, but I also usually get somewhere around $200 in birthday money, so hopefully they will balance or turn out in my favor.

Once the debt is paid off, my tentative plan is to live off of 50% of my income while putting 25% into retirement savings and 25% into house savings. Hopefully we will have two incomes soon, which will speed things up immensely.

Today’s Spending:

$13.04 on a cat toy. I’ve been waiting for over a month to buy this toy. The moment I saw it, I knew out little guy would love it, but I waited…and it was worth waiting for. He has so much fun with it! I felt a little guilty pang over the cost, but hubby assures me he’ll skip out on enough Starbucks trips to make up for it…and really, cat toys are EXACTLY the sort of thing I’ll spend my “fun money” on, so I think this counts as a fun money expense.

Yummy fried rice

Tonight was one of those evenings when non-frugal me wanted burrito. Badly. I LOVE Chipotle, and I could eat there every night for a L O N G time before I ever got sick of it. I was tired, cranky, I’ve been headachey off and on for almost 48 hours, and just….pleh.

But! I stuck it out…put some rice in the rice cooker and tossed it with chicken, frozen veggies, soy sauce, and egg, and a can of tomatoes when I was done. Easy, delicious, and we already had everything on hand! It will make an excellent lunch tomorrow too!

Hubby has a sweet tooth, so he has budgeted himself a little bit every week for goodies. Hubby also does not treat himself often enough, so if he told me he wanted to go out and buy himself a lobster dinner, I would not object. (well, maybe)

Spending since my last post: $3.69 on a BIG bag of skittles, which hubby is generously sharing with me!