Monthly Archives: May 2013


I had decided to stop updating about EVERYTHING I spent because saving receipts was getting annoying, but this week I’ve spent more than usual, and more of it was on frivolous nonsense. I don’t really WANT to have to have a set budget in stone for everything, but I’m unsure how sustainable this “spend as little as possible but no set amount for fun money” plan is going to work.

That’s the nice thing about personal finance, I suppose….it’s PERSONAL. So if I try not writing every little thing down¬† writing down every single item I spend money on.

I did not put a full $200 on the credit card this week like I had intended, but I’ve put more than that in for the last two weeks, so I’m not feeling too bad about that.


Sooo much better!

I had $79 left in the checking account at the end of this week. I nearly doubled my normal weekly CC payment, paid my cell phone bill, got groceries, even treated myself to a burrito and STILL had leftover money.¬† Wow. I’ll be applying the extra to the credit card when I make my weekly payment tomorrow.

Money spent since last post:

$13 on feeder mice. It was $12 and change, but I lost the receipt.

$3.29 on milk. I’m working on drinking all of my Weight Watchers smoothies before they get out of date, so we’re drinking more milk than usual.

$5 on candy for the hubby.