Saving for a fun thing

This morning, I got a little extra motivation to really cut back my spending and see how much I can save in the coming months!

We’re still ironing out the details, but it looks like we may be hosting three friends from all over the place for a week in September. I would LOVE to have a few hundred dollars set aside to do things like…go to Santa Cruz (or up to SF, I suppose. Visiting people always seem to want to do that…dunno why), cook a fancy dinner, buy everyone some beer, etc. Not to mention, I’d LOVE to drive out to pick one of the friends up, which would be about 18 hours driving each way. Gas, hotel, etc, would add up if I did that. Said friend is going to look into other options, but I’m still hopeful about the possibility of a road trip.

Meanwhile, I’m going to buckle down, and maybe try to sell off a few larger things on Craigslist. I’ve been wanting to get rid of our patio set for awhile, and I’m sure I could get a few bucks for it.

Today’s spending: $3.09 on a gallon of milk.


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