A little bit of fun

I haven’t really ironed out a set dollar amount for “fun money”, though I know I should have. I really need to sit down with myself and get a more official budget together than “spend as little as humanly possible”, though part of me wants to put that off until the credit cards are paid off. We shall see.

I’m getting a MUCH better idea of where out “needs” lie, and things like…my car needs fuel every two weeks or so.

The little surprises are what’s throwing me off. I just got a bill from the dentist today…with a late fee on it? I don’t recall getting a FIRST bill, and this is upsetting to me. Even when I’ve been a complete financial disaster, I prided myself on paying things ON TIME, even if it was just the bare minimum. I also have a paper from my insurance company that seems to indicate that I owe them more than the bill indicates. I’m confused. When I get paid Friday, I’ll call them to sort it out and pay whatever I owe.

I also need to have my car smogged and register it. Luckily, my car is old and registration is only $100. So…I’ll take care of the dentist this coming week, and the car the week after.

Meanwhile, I will put $200 a week (or more if I can manage it) onto the main credit card, which is the one currently accruing interest. If I can keep that up (barring unforeseen expenses) ALL of our debt should be paid off by October. I’m sure there will be a few surprise expenses, but I also usually get somewhere around $200 in birthday money, so hopefully they will balance or turn out in my favor.

Once the debt is paid off, my tentative plan is to live off of 50% of my income while putting 25% into retirement savings and 25% into house savings. Hopefully we will have two incomes soon, which will speed things up immensely.

Today’s Spending:

$13.04 on a cat toy. I’ve been waiting for over a month to buy this toy. The moment I saw it, I knew out little guy would love it, but I waited…and it was worth waiting for. He has so much fun with it! I felt a little guilty pang over the cost, but hubby assures me he’ll skip out on enough Starbucks trips to make up for it…and really, cat toys are EXACTLY the sort of thing I’ll spend my “fun money” on, so I think this counts as a fun money expense.


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