Yummy fried rice

Tonight was one of those evenings when non-frugal me wanted burrito. Badly. I LOVE Chipotle, and I could eat there every night for a L O N G time before I ever got sick of it. I was tired, cranky, I’ve been headachey off and on for almost 48 hours, and just….pleh.

But! I stuck it out…put some rice in the rice cooker and tossed it with chicken, frozen veggies, soy sauce, and egg, and a can of tomatoes when I was done. Easy, delicious, and we already had everything on hand! It will make an excellent lunch tomorrow too!

Hubby has a sweet tooth, so he has budgeted himself a little bit every week for goodies. Hubby also does not treat himself often enough, so if he told me he wanted to go out and buy himself a lobster dinner, I would not object. (well, maybe)

Spending since my last post: $3.69 on a BIG bag of skittles, which hubby is generously sharing with me!


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